The First Adventure

Perspective of the DM, Davis.

Date: Tarsakh-11


  • Gertrude Hobclob
  • Rontunzel
  • Milo Tallman
  • Aresh
  • Ernest Wellington


PCs hear of a man at the inn in the town of Gondon. This man, Baelheit has a job for some adventurers. The PCs gather at the inn. Gertrude knocks at Baelheit's door, accidentally knocking it down.  Baelheit tells the party to meet him in a meeting room in the inn.

The job that Baelheit needs done is one of protection. In exchange for escorting him through the forest south of Gondon. The party accepts, and the price is 5gp per player.

The party sets out through the forest. The day went by fast, and they settled down at the fork at the center of the forest. During the night, they were ambushed by Bugbears.

The Human Ranger noticed that they were about to be attacked, and readied his bow. Soon after, a bugbear appears outside of the camp, walking slowly, but not stealthily, forward. He proclaimed, "If you can kill one of us, we will leave you be." The Ranger immediately fired his bow,  assuming that the challenge started as soon as it was offered. This enraged the bugbear, and 3 more emerged from the woodwork.

Immediately at the start of the encounter, a bugbear strikes Rontunzel and incapacitates him in a single hit. The party careened backwards, and was unable to form a strong offense against the team of bugbears oncoming.

After a short beating, the bugbear reoffers the challenge, but instead, against only 3 champions. With no other options, they accept. The battle concludes with the death of their strongest bugbear. The other bugbears flee, mentioning their need to run away from "The Illithid."

The party continues their adventure the next morning, and takes the detour in the road, hoping to avoid more bugbears, at the cost of possibly encountering giant spiders. They make it through the day, only to be ambushed yet again in the night, but by spiders this time. After a long fought battle, with a standout performance by Gertrude the Cleric, the heroes win out.

The third day, the halfling rogue peek into the bags that Baelheit had been carrying, finding many bars of gold, and papers written in elvish. They consult with Ernest Wellington, and the papers seem to be regarding protection of the wood-elf colony they were traveling to. Money to purchase fortifications, for protection from the "Illithid."

The party confronts Baelheit of this, and he refuses to answer, citing ignorance, and merely being a message carrier. As Baelheit walks away, he angrily tells them "If any of you want to stay alive, make sure to stick together, it is the only way you will not kill yourselves." And on that , Baelheit was out of sight. 

The party returns to Gondon, ending at Tarsakh-16.


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